Are less than two months enough to Crack CGL? (जानने के लिए क्लिक करें )

Hello ,
Guys Today I tell you 

Are less than two Month Enough to Crack CGL 2017? 

Every Aspirants know that CGL 2017 become probable on August month last week . I am not sure that SSC conduct Exact Time Because He Says that SSC MTS exam will be in August Month. So this talk concluded here.And Come to Topic

क्या २ महीने से कम समय मैं सीजीएल क्रैक हो सकता है 

I Say Yes

In this Post I share you  subtle tricks and tacits  which you applied in life style . And would be succeed in exam.   Sure if you are confident andworking hard you will get success. And don't make thinking like you are going to clear 1st tier than second than 3rd. please avoid it. Just focus that you are going to clear all tier and getting job.

 You devote 6-8 hrs daily. Even if you take 2 days to finish a particular topic e.g profit and loss.
 You are well set to finish 3 topics in a week. 

In 30 days you can finish maths section. Give 30 days to English. 
Attempt Quantitative Aptitude paper every Day. i.e 8 papers total in week

Remember- You will have to compensate for less marks in GK by doing well in maths in tier 1.

After gaining knowledge of the concept, the second most important step is Practicing. For that just solve previous year question papers as many as you can till the prelim exam.

Don't distract from technology or any other activity.
Fix a time for whtsapp and Facebook or calling to your friend.

Turn off your net while doing study and stay away from mobile and laptop. 

Don't be a slave of Technology.

In Final words

Sometimes 4 hours of self study at home will better that 2 hour of class because when you take class in coaching of two hours actually your 6-7 hours will consumed. So if you are taking any coaching try to make best use of it and some times you will be demotivated and bored with studies and some negative thoughts appears on your mind so you can take any coaching or mock test to be regular and keep in touch with other students.
 Again I say Do not waste your time
So Best of luck 

Download Kd Campus Bank Po Pre Mock Test with solution

In this post i shared kd campus bank po pre mock with solution. This pdf in bilingual language. And End of pdf Attached Answer key with solution. You know that kd campus well known and prominent. This Institute Notes or Test series Is the best. So do not waste of time.
Download it click here

Download SSC CGL 2016 ALL English Questions in Pdf

Hello Readers,
Today we are providing you SSC CGL TIER-I English questions compilation in pdf all shift [ 27 Aug 2016to 11 Sept 2016]. These questions  asked in SSC Tier-I 2016 examination.This pdf is prepared by kvclasses may download this from the link below.

Download From Here ⤻  Click Here


Download Advance Math Questions For CGL

Today We Are Sharing SSC CGL Advanced Maths Question Bank for Upcoming CGL 2017. These questions are very important for Forthcoming SSC Exams lIke CPO,CHSL, CGL.

In this pdf Previous Year's Questions Included which in hindi language.
SSC CGL Advanced Maths Question Bank PDF

This Question Bank is Complied by Career Planner (Vivek Sir).
Click here

A To Z Idioms For CGL /CHSL/SBI

Today we are sharing a large list of Idioms (Alphabetically) in PDF. This list is very Important and you should download and read it once.
You may download this from the link provided below.
Credit To- thegkadda

SS Bharti Sir Maths Notes Download Free PDF

Today we are sharing a much-demanding SS Bharti Sir Maths Notes, this ebook will be very helpful if you accomplish it judiciously. So Study and Boost your Score.

Download It click Here

Download Lucent Science Book In Pdf

Today I shared A link which Related Lucent Science Book , in Pdf you can also download it from below link. This Pdf consists in Hindi language.
The book contains five sections or segments namely Computers, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy. After the content, the students will find some multiple-choice questions with every section along with questions incorporated from papers of previous years for different exams. The publishers have tried everything to ensure zero number of errors within the book. It covers extensive topics and works as a high-quality reference material for the hopefuls.

Download Ebook Click here Physics Notes 
                                 Click here Biology Notes

Download GK Questions Asked In CGL 2016

Dear Aspirants,
Today we are sharing the compilation of all GK  questions asked (with Solution) in SSC CGL 2016 from 27 August 2016 to 11 September 2017.
You may download the PDF from the link provided below.
Credit To_- mother education hub


Guys I shared a link which associated with coming UPPSC Pre Exam 2017. And This pdf language in hindi with current Affairs, Geography, history, other subject Questions Include In it.
This pdf create by Imminent GS sir Shri
Ashish Mishra

Download It Click Here

This Pdf Is not My Property I Just shared it .
Any one Objection contact me.

Click Here

Sumitra Publication Math Download In PDF

Just go through this PDF and you will be have Mathematics on your finger tips.

We know everyone is preparing for any competitive  exam. So before going for an exam , candidates must go for this PDF so as to do their preparation.

Download It 👌👌


Download Previous Years Vocabulary Asked in SSC CGL, CHSL

Today I come with Important Vocabulary Of Hindu newspaper. Which In Hindi language And pdf Format. And I try to provide best meaning . And This list of April month vocabulary. And After some time Next month vocabulary provided too.

Click  here  April Month
Click here May Month

BIOLOGY Gk Quiz In Hindi For CGL

1. निम्न में से कौन-सा जीवघटक (organisms) छत्रक (mushrooms) से सम्बन्धित है? 
[A] शैवाल (Algae)
[B] फर्न्स
[C] कवक
[D] लाइकेन

2. निम्न में से कोई एक बीजों का उत्पादन करता है, परन्तु फूलो का नहीं?
[A] काजू
[B] कॉफी
[C] मूँगफली
[D] पाइन

3. निम्न में से किस पौधे को हरित खाद (green manuring) में उपयोग किया जाता है?  
[A] गेंहू 
[B] सुन्हेम्प (Sunhemp) 
[C] कपास 
[D] चावल 

4. खाद्य प्रदार्थ के संयोजन जो मांस के निकटम गुणवत्ता वाला प्रोटीन उपलब्ध करता करता है, वह है—
[A] गेहूं, दाल और मूंगफली
[B] ब्रेड और मक्खन
[C] अंकुरित चना और मूंगफली
[D] मूंगफली और गुड़

5. निम्न में से कौन-सा रोग एक दाय (Inheritable) रोग है? 
[A] अधिश्वेत रक्तता (Leukaemia)
[B] वर्णान्धता (Colour blindness)
[C] मलिग्नन्सी (Malignancy)
[D] हैपेटाइटिस

6. निम्नलिखित तत्वों में से कौन सा सभी प्रोटीन में मौजूद हैं?
1. कार्बन
2. हाइड्रोजन
3. आक्सीजन
4. नाइट्रोजन [A] 2 और  3
[B] 1,2 और 4
[C] 1,3 और 4
[D] 1,2,3 और 4

7. निम्न में से किस रोग के लिए अभी तक कोई वैक्सीन उपलब्ध नहीं है?
[A] टेटनस
[B] मलेरिया 
[C] खसरा
[D] गल गण्ड रोग (Mumps)

8. निम्न में से कौन सा विटामिन आंतो के बैक्टीरिया के द्वारा शरीर में संश्लेषित होता है?
[A] विटामिन B1
[B] विटामिन B4
[C] विटामिन D
[D] विटामिन K

9. बीसीजी (Bacillus Calmette Guerine) वैक्सीन को निम्न में से किस रोग से प्रतिरक्षा करने लिए लिए लगाया जाता है—     
[A] पोलियो
[B] हैजा
[C] चेचक
[D] क्षय रोग (Tuberculosis)

10. इनमें से कम से कम संक्रामक है?
[A] कुष्ठ
[B] हेपेटाइटिस
[C] क्षय रोग (Tuberculosis)
[D] नेत्रश्लेष्मलाशोथ (Conjunctivitis)

1 - (B)
2 - (C)
3 - (B)
4 - (C)
5 - (B)
6 - (D)
7 - (B)
8 - (D)
9 - (D)
10- (A) 


Paramount Full Package free Download it


Guys Today I come with tremendous PDF for those do not afford costly books  because This Publication book is expensive.
In This PDF You found  Advance Math PDF,  History Pdf, Geography, Chemistry, Biology  and All subject Related PDF included.

Download this Package Click Here

Download Ghatna Chakra Publication English Grammar in PDF

Guys In This post I shared a link of Ghatna Chakra Publication English Grammar . Many Students Search on Google this PDF.
Do not worry. I understood you concern. 

So Download This PDF CLICK HERE

SSC CGL 2017 Notification

Staff Selection Commission (SSC), had announced the tentative dates cum Schedule of SSC CGL 2017 Online Exam. Well the exact dates, will be known only after the announcement of Notification, but still, the Notification Dates and Exam Dates, will be informed in advance through SSC 2017 Exam Calendar

This year, the Commission has added 7 new exam cities to the list. It’s a good news for candidates of these regions, as now they have a chance to appear for SSC CGL 2017 from their own place.The name of cities here.

  1. Berhampore (Odisha)
  2. Bharatpur (Rajasthan)
  3. Nizamabad (Telangana)
  4. Warangal (Telangana)
  5. Vijaywada (Andhra Pradesh)
  6. Ahmednagar and
  7. Alibaug (both in Maharashtra)

The number of vacancies as declared by Staff Service Commission of India is 4733 for CGL 2017 exam, But May be this increase

I recommend this best for cgl,No other book better than that. 

Because Every one want Good Marks in exam. When you do not read proper good book. You  would not reached The Goal. And other words 

हमे मोटी मोटी किताबे नही पड़नी हमे केवल अच्छी और प्रमादिक Authentic किताबे पड़नी हैं

अगर आप Cgl की तैयारी अभी अभी सुरु किये तो इसमे शामिल किरण या राकेश यादव क्लास नोट्स इसमे से कोई एक लेकर पढ़ाई सुरु कर सकते हो और जिनका सिलेब्स पूरा हो चूका वो तो pratices sets लगाये और प्रतिदिन लगाये
अगर आप practice sets ऑनलाइन लगाना चाहते हो तो तो सबसे बेस्ट प्रैक्टिस सेट्स की सूची निम्न है
1. careerpower जिसका अब अड्डा 24.7 नाम  है
2 kd campus के सेट्स ।। ये सेट्स दामो मे मंहगे है लेकिन गुड है
3 Mahendra online sets ये भी बेस्ट practice sets की सूची मे आते हैं

आपको जो भी सेट्स comfortable और low prices लगे आप खरीद ले लेकिन ले इनमे से ही

Total Candidate Applied Number

Last Date Extended Cgl 2017

Age Related Notice Issued By Dop For CGL 

 This is Official SSC  Exam Calendar

Finally, after a Delay of one month, SSC had announced the Revised Schedule of SSC CGL, 2017. As per the Revised SSC Exam Calendar, 2017, CGL Notification, will be announced on 16th May, 2017. 

Earlier, there were rumors, the NCS will conduct the Tier-1 Exam, but with the announcement of Revised SSC CGL Dates, it looks, SSC will conduct the exam.

Here is the Revised Schedule of SSC CGL 2017 Exam

1) Date of Announcement of CGL Notification: 16th May, 2017

2) Closing Date for SSC CGL 2017 Online Registration : 16th June, 2017

3) Date of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2017 : 1st August to 20th August, 2017

As per the Calendar, SSC CGL 2017 Tier-2 Exam will be held on 10th and 11th November, 2017 and the Selection process in likely to complete in March, 2018.

Age calculation for CGLE 2017 would be 01.08.2017 and no change in this date would be made. 

Why SSC CGL 2017 Postponed It is Some Fact In This video 

Delay and postponement of SSC CGL Exam is only giving air to the rumours in the market, as no one has exact information, regarding the announcement and conduct of SSC CGL Exam. 

 Time Reduce Form 75 minutes to 60 minutes.

Coming SSC  Exam time is reduce now it is 60 Minutes. In this time solve 100 Questions. So This changes becomes tough competition .Student try to solve Every question approx 30  seconds to obtain Good Marks.

This Is Official Notice regards to time Management.

Official Notification To Notice Regards 

 Expected Changes in CGL 2017 Exam.

Here are some possible changes in the SSC CGL Exam

1) SSC may invite common applications for both CGL and CPO Exam.

2) Tier-1 may of Qualifying nature ie Marks obtained in the Tier-1 Exam, may not be considered for Final Selection

3) NCS Common Exams gets into effect from 2017 onwards and there are chances that there will be common registrations at NCS Portal 

4) Big Change in the SSC CGL Syllabus is also on the cards.

5) Sify, that conducts the SSC Exams, may lose its contract from 2017, as SSC is in conversation with 2-3 Exam conducting companies.

SSC CGL 2016 Tier -1 Category Wise Rank List in PDF Download

In this post we are sharing category wise rank list and toppers list. This list contains all the candidates who clear cut-off in their respective Categories . You may download category wise rankl ist of ssc cgl 2016 tier-1 from the link provided below.

General Categories 

 OBC Categories 

SC Categories 

ST Categories 

And This is Mix Categories List

Cut Off Tier 1 SSC CGL 2016 

The Category-wise details of candidates who have qualified for Tier-II and cut-off applied for each category are given in the Table below:

SSC CGl Tier 2 Cut Off Marks

The Category-wise details of candidates who have qualified for Tier-3rd and cut-off applied for each category are given in the Table below:

Vacancies In Cgl 2016 

Some time Ago, SSC released a list  of Vacancies containing post Name, Post code , Department Name Along with   Post Distribution Several Categories  For 2016 Year. 

Vacancies In CGL Exam 2017 

CGL 2017, will be big, as far as vacancies are concerned. So, if, you one of those, looking for Central Govt Jobs in 2017, then don't miss the CGL Exam, as there is expectation, that there will be more than 20000 Jobs to be filled through CGL Exam.

We all known that SSC did not announce the exact vacancies at the time of Notification. Infact the process of collecting the vacancies from the respective Departments/Ministries continue throughout the year and the Final vacancies are announced a month before the Final Results is declared.

So, you will be thinking, how we arrive at this 20000+ vacancy figure. So, let's discuss here.

In the recently announced Budget-2017, Center has provided for 2.80 lakh vacancies that will be filled before March-2018. Out of these 2.8 lakh vacancies, 1.80 lakh vacancies are to be filled in Police, Income Tax, customs and Central Excise Departments

If, police Department is left out then the Recruitment for remaining there Departments ie Income Tax, Customs and Central Excise is done through SSC CGL

1) Income Tax Department: As of now IT Department has a strength of 46000 people and the department has plans to raise its strength to 80,000. This means there will be 24000 New Jobs in Income Tax Department.

In CGL Exam, there are 2 posts in IT Department and these are Tax Assistants (Group C) and Inspector of Income Tax ( Group B). 

And these Jobs are created as a result of demonetization, as IT Department is involved in Drive against Black money. To, implement the Tax Regime more efficiently, Department needs more people on its rolls.

2) Customs and Excise Department : Similarly, Customs and Excise Departments need more staff to implement its ambitions Goods and Service Tax regime and it will result in creation of 41000+ New Jobs in the department and this will take the department's existing strength of 50600 to 91700.

And again, Recruitment for Customs and Excise Department is done through SSC CGL and here we have following posts in SSC CGL

1) Inspector (Central Excise)
2) Inspector (Preventive Officer)
3) Inspector (Examiner)

In This Video You Know that CGL delicious post whose Every one want to achieve. 

 10 Most Exciting SSC CGL Posts | Careers with Fastest Growing Salary

So, these Departments are itself creating 60000+ vacancies and then there are other Departments too. For complete List of vacancies, in CGL 2017, Exam, you should read our post on 
SSC CGL 2017 vacancies 

एसएससी में 20000 पदों  पर बम्पर भर्तियां | सरकारी नौकरी | SSC CGL 2017

This is not my video and associated with it. This is knowledgeable and good content .so  I add this video Link 


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